Patient Reviews

The friendly team of doctors and ophthalmologists at Accuvision LASIK, have developed a fantastic working relationship over their 20 years of service to the Charlotte community. Patients praise us for our informed and honest personal eye care, but don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients have said about us:

The review below is from a local eye doctor who not only co-manages patients with Accuvision LASIK but also decided to have LASIK himself with us:
Absolutely wonderful LASIK experience. Every staff member from start to finish from the front desk to the surgeon has all been excellent. Everyone is friendly and professional. Smooth and efficient, and yet I never felt rushed. As an area Optometrist, I only entrust my eyes and my patients’ eyes to the best and these guys are IT! I have been referring to them for years and finally decided after seeing their stellar results on other patients that it was time for me to have LASIK myself and I couldn’t be happier. My brother saw how thrilled I was with my result so he decided to have LASIK with them as well. He loves his new vision just like I do – we are both 20/20! I would highly recommend this group of experienced LASIK physicians to anyone. Dr. Mary Rauch – Awesome. Dr. Scott Jaben – Awesome. I can’t sing their praises enough.
- Mike Baldinger, OD

I had LASIK surgery recently here. The staff was perfect and procedure was flawless! 1 day post surgery vision was 20-15 and zero complications. Highly recommend this office.
- Matthew E.

Just had my yearly exam and 17 years later I still have 20/15 vision!!! Having LASIK at Accuvision was a life-changing event that I continue to enjoy year after year. Thanks very much to all of the staff for your bedside manner and attention to detail!
- Lee M.

I have worn glasses and contacts most of my life and for years I’ve wanted LASIK. Accusvision was the perfect choice for me. I am so unbelievably happy with my decision. Accusvision takes time with you from consultation to after surgery follow up appointments to answer any questions and put you at ease. I never felt rushed. Staff were amazing and knowledgeable. Dr. Jaben completed my surgery and I felt so confident and comfortable during my surgery. I 100% recommend Accusvision. The next morning my eyesight was 20/15 and two days later I ran over my glasses! I wish I did it sooner! Also if you are nervous highly recommend wearing something that comforts you. I chose socks with my puppies face on them. Totally worked!
- Megan V.

Great experience! Initial appointment, second appointment both thorough and speedy. Terry was great. Day of surgery was awesome. Dr. Jaben was very informative and performed the surgery quickly. No pain! Walked out being able to see that day.
- Chris F.

I had my surgery on Thursday afternoon and was able to see even that evening after a short nap. I was amazed at everyone there they were so welcoming and kind.
- Jennifer B.

They have honestly changed my life. After almost 20 years of glasses and contacts I finally decided to get LASIK. They were so helpful during the first consultation and we were able to schedule the surgery within a month. The surgery itself went very smoothly and I was able to see when I sat up from the table. It’s been 3 days since surgery and my vision is crystal clear. Couldn’t be happier. They were so kind and helpful in telling me what to expect during recovery. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to do LASIK.
- SarahBeth L.

I had my LASIK operation performed on June 22nd, 2017 by Dr. Hammonds. I had been thinking of getting LASIK for the past 10 years and now seemed like the perfect time to get serious. I had -3 to -3.5 vision in my eyes, which lead into several great discussions with the staff. A standout memory is that the staff at the Accuvision clinic was awesome, they were not pushy or aloof on the procedure. They always focused on if I would be a good candidate for the operation and if it made sense to have it performed. There were multiple tests and validation performed on my eyes to ensure that this correct path to take with my vision. (Thanks Tami!) Surgery day is definitely a life experience. It is not scary or painful and over before you realize it. Immediately after the operation, I noticed a difference in my vision. Everything was clear, but a bit hazy which was to be expected. Dr. Hammond was excellent, cool calm, and calculated. I had the surgery on a Thursday, slept all that night, and most of the following Friday. By the weekend, things were much clearer and continue to get better day by day. After 1 week, I was cleared for normal life again. Being a lover of the outdoors, this operation had made a huge change in how I can have fun outside. No more worrying about dropping or breaking glasses, contacts falling out, or if I remembered my solution and contact cases. I can just get up and go now. I would recommend this to anyone who is a good candidate for it. You’ll be really happy.
- Mike N.

Today, I woke up after 12 hours of hard sleep and peeled the sticky tape from around my eyes. I could see the oaks outside my window. I could see the pictures hanging by the stairs. I could see each individual blade on the fan above. I could see my sweet dog and my amazing husband. This is a significant day because for the first time ever, I could see everything around me without putting on glasses or pressing contact lenses into my eyes. Since 5th grade, my vision progressively deteriorated to a -6.00 prescription in each eye. Life without corrective lenses was blurry and blobby. Yesterday, I got brave and went to Accuvision Laser Eye Centers and it took less than 15 minutes to correct my vision in both eyes. The laser for the correction part of the procedure took 11 seconds each time. 20+ years of bad vision literally burned away. Exactly 24 hours later, I can't believe that I am seeing everything with my own eyes. For the first time, I am out of the house without glasses or contacts. I cant put into words how excited I am. Everyone I've come in contact with today -- the people at Starbucks and at the donut place (yes, im celebrating a little!), even the dude in the concrete truck who waved back at my wildly grinning face this morning -- probably all think im a crazy person. But, I can see, with my own eyes. And I just can't stop smiling! 
- Joni O.

Enjoyed the experience from beginning to end and am looking forward to life without contacts and glasses!
- John M.

The whole process was so efficient and I knew exactly what to expect. They were so great at making me feel comfortable and were super friendly. I am so happy with the result and I felt very confident knowing they had done this many times successfully and were amazing Dr.’s!!!! Thanks for giving me my vision!!!! 20/15 the day after.
- Esther G.

I chose Accuvision Laser Eye Centers Charlotte because a friend of mine who is an optometrist specifically recommended them. My initial consultation was with Dr. Rauch, who spent so much time with me explaining everything involved in the preop, intraop, and postop period. I cannot say enough positive things about her bedside manner, counseling, and care. Heather, Tammy, and Terry could not have been more kind and informative as well. Dr. Jaben did my surgery and did an excellent job. It has now been a year since my surgery, and I love the results. I am so glad I did it!
- Megan T.

I couldn't have found a better location or doctor to perform my LASIK surgery! The level of care I received was better than my expectations! I highly recommend this team to anyone looking at having LASIK done!
- Cortney D.

Great experience all around, from coordinating with my eye doctor to making sure I get the right medication (b/c of confusing insurance situation). Easy to get a hold of via email if any questions. Easy to schedule. Efficient. And most importantly -- love waking up to 20/15 vision!
- Olga H.

I had my eye surgery Friday, April 6 2018. I absolutely love it. I’m 49 years old. Been in glasses since I was 13. I wish I had done this years ago. Everyone on the staff is great. Dr. Jaben was explaining things. He made me feel very comfortable.
- Billie M.

I had such a great experience with Accuvision. The staff was very friendly, helpful & informative. From start to finish all staff members were very professional. The procedure went on without a hitch. I’m loving being able to see again without corrective lenses. Highly recommend anyone to contact Accuvision if interested in LASIK!
- Bryan D.

Staff super friendly, and very attentive with the regulation of CDC. Doctor took his time for any question and to greet you as well. The Staff make you feel safe.
- Iris O.

Very friendly and professional service from the receptionist and doctor, and there was not much of a wait at all! What I liked most was how the optometrist was so informative and very down to earth. It made for an enjoyable exam!
- Trinity H.

Excellent experience. I am able to see, perfectly, after twenty years of wearing glasses. Super fast recovery. Very professional and efficient environment. You need the best for your eyes and Accuvision LASIK is what you’re looking for.
- Nicole B.