Mike N.

I had my LASIK operation performed on June 22nd, 2017 by Dr. Hammonds. I had been thinking of getting LASIK for the past 10 years and now seemed like the perfect time to get serious. I had -3 to -3.5 vision in my eyes, which lead into several great discussions with the staff. A standout memory is that the staff at the Accuvision clinic was awesome, they were not pushy or aloof on the procedure. They always focused on if I would be a good candidate for the operation and if it made sense to have it performed. There were multiple tests and validation performed on my eyes to ensure that this correct path to take with my vision. (Thanks Tami!)

Surgery day is definitely a life experience. It is not scary or painful and over before you realize it. Immediately after the operation, I noticed a difference in my vision. Everything was clear, but a bit hazy which was to be expected. Dr. Hammond was excellent, cool calm, and calculated. I had the surgery on a Thursday, slept all that night, and most of the following Friday. By the weekend, things were much clearer and continue to get better day by day. After 1 week, I was cleared for normal life again.

Being a lover of the outdoors, this operation had made a huge change in how I can have fun outside. No more worrying about dropping or breaking glasses, contacts falling out, or if I remembered my solution and contact cases. I can just get up and go now.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a good candidate for it. You’ll be really happy.